Custom Full Embroidered Jacket- Deposit



Product Details

Want us to design and stitch a custom one of a kind embroidered jacket just for you? 

We've been a little overwhelmed with custom jacket requests so we've decided to streamline things a bit. So here's the deal:

Send us a $200 deposit (Total price will be $500) and then we'll contact you with instructions on where to send your jacket.

We'll then begin discussing with you what you might want on your jacket. Text, images, colors. For ideas of what's possible check out our instagram @dietryingtx

After we chat, We'll come up with some drawings based on what we discussed for your approval. Then, we'll start stitching.

Once your jacket is complete, we'll  send you a payment request for the remaining balance. After payment is received we'll ship your jacket back to you. 

The whole process will take 6-8 weeks. 

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